2027 Vision by Eco Repair Score®

Increasing the lifetime of vehicles and its components is essential from a sustainable production perspective. However, this will only become effective if consumers are empowered to make environmentally friendly choices. Until now, the cost of the repair of vehicle damage caused by a collision has only been estimated in euros. 

To measure the environmental impact and thus the environmental friendliness of a vehicle repair, Eco Repair Score NV and VITO have developed the Eco Repair Score®. This pioneering and innovative calculation method is based on a Life Cycle Assessment of the repair of vehicle collision damage.

The 2027 Vision: Eco Repair Score® is enabling European consumers to make informed vehicle repair choices

Enhancing consumers’ engagement in the transition towards a circular economy is urgent. By 2027, we envisage the Eco Repair Score® being an industry-wide environmental impact scoring system for the repair of vehicle collision damage and maintenance, thus enabling all European consumers to make more informed and environmentally friendly repair choices.

In this envisaged scenario, the Eco Repair Score® relies on a commonly accepted science-based assessment methodology and uses a trusted and verified database. A suite of tools is used by stakeholders in the automotive collision repair and maintenance industry for monitoring and reducing the environmental impact of their activities.

A destroyed car at dusk