The benefits of the Eco Repair Score®

When it comes to vehicle repairs, damage is traditionally estimated in euros. To date, the environmental impact of the repair methods chosen was not or insufficiently factored in. Current initiatives focus more on manufacturing (e.g. The Circular Cars Initiative of the World Economic Forum), recycling (e.g. Febelauto) and in-use emissions (Ecoscore VITO).

The introduction of the Eco Repair Score® is set to change this. In doing so, we are delivering a solution in response to the need to measurably reduce the environmental impact of vehicle repairs.

The Eco Repair Score® helps us all

The Eco Repair Score® can be usefully implemented by any stakeholder in the vehicle repair industry, whether repairers, leasing companies, insurers or governments.

The repairer can tailor its investment in equipment to reduce its own energy consumption and thus reduce its environmental impact in a targeted way. This could include solar panels, heat pumps, rain and wastewater recovery, spray booths, new paint processes, and so on. Also, repairers get to invest to more efficient effect in professional expertise and training, enabling them to carry out more (local) repairs. This also makes them less dependent on the long and irregular delivery times of new parts, which have become increasingly more common in recent years.

Leasing companies
Fleet owners and leasing companies can use the Eco Repair Scan to analyse the environmental impact of the wide number of repairs in their fleet in a targeted manner, make adjustments where necessary and provide data for their ESG reports.

Insurers get to reduce the environmental impact of vehicle repairs in their portfolio by presenting their policyholders with a network of approved repairers with a low Eco Repair Score®. In addition, they can include the Eco Repair Score® achieved in their ESG reports. The Eco Repair Score® facilitates the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reports of large companies.

Governments can use the Eco Repair Score® and Eco Repair Index to define their environmental goals in a more concrete sense and develop appropriate policy initiatives. This helps to fit the use of second-hand parts in with the rising importance of the circular economy.

The Eco Repair Score® is a good thing for consumers

The core mission of car experts is to ensure consumer protection by monitoring the cost and safety of vehicle repairs. Now, they also get to keep track of the environmental impact of these vehicle repairs. For the repair of their vehicle, consumers have the freedom of choice in deciding which repairer to call on. By looking at the Eco Repair Score®, they get to align their decision with their growing environmental awareness. In doing so, consumers can easily determine the Eco Repair Score® of the repair of their vehicle for themselves.