What is the Eco Repair Score®?

The Eco Repair Score® is a measure of the environmental friendliness with which collision damage to a vehicle is repaired. 


The Eco Repair Score® renders the environmental impact of a vehicle repair measurable in a single score.

warning triangle with a broken car in the background

How does the Eco Repair Score® work?

The Eco Repair Score® is determined by a life cycle assessment (LCA) of the repair of vehicle damage caused by a collision.

The calculation model behind the Eco Repair Score® takes into account the following important factors: 

  • the repair method used (replace, restore);
  • the manufacture of new parts, products and their packaging;
  • the transport of parts and products to the repairer;
  • the spray painting of parts;
  • the recycling of parts, products and their packaging after repair;
  • the energy consumption of the repair shop.